Nephosity, Inc. builds the anywhere, anytime platform for collaborative multi-specialty care to improve care in various scenarios, e.g. when

  • the ER doctor needs to consult the radiologist about the finding
  • an ambulance transfers a patient from one hospital to another, but CDs of the patient’s images on stretcher with patient
  • doctors form a tumor board to discuss a case
  • insurers want to review patient images before approving treatment
  • a patient wants a second opinion but needs to drive a couple hours to visit the closest specialist
MobileCT Viewer

MobileCT Viewer is Nephosity's medical image viewer for the iPad. MobileCT Viewer capabilities include

  • Anywhere, anytime access to CT, MR, and X-ray images
  • Image manipulations such as window and level, pan and zoom
  • Full resolution images ensures that no detail is lost
  • HIPAA compliant -- SSL encrypts all information in-transit and 256 bit AES encrypts all patient information at rest
  • Measure distances, display measurements and annotations
  • Ambient Lighting Assessment -- guides the user to determine whether the environmental lighting conditions can accommodate a diagnosis.
  • Nephosity's patented technology for real-time streaming and collaborative viewing of medical images.

MobileCT Viewer is cleared by the FDA for the following indications of use

The MobileCT Viewer software program provides for communication and display of CT, MRI, X­ray medical images on the Apple iPad (4th generation, late 2012) . It is intended for use as a diagnostic, review and analysis tool by trained professionals. MobileCT Viewer provides wireless and portable access to medical images. This device is not intended to replace full workstations and should be used only when there is no access to a workstation. This device is not to be used for mammography.

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Jack Imaging

Jack Imaging is the anywhere, anytime platform for collaborative multi-specialty care. Jack Imaging offers case management, secure messaging, HD ready video conferencing, desktop sharing, and collaborative medical image viewing, all within the web browser. Use Jack Imaging to

  • Eliminate pesky CDs
  • Share your medical images securely
  • Stream your medical images on demand
  • View your medical images collaboratively with others.
  • Securely message, ideo conference, and screen share with other members of the care team

Jack Imaging makes use of Nephosity's patented technology for real-time streaming and collaborative viewing of medical images.

The web-based Jack Imaging viewer has not yet been cleared by the FDA for diagnostic purposes.

Requirements and Details
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